Cabinet Refacing – Cutting Costs But Not Quality

How many cabinets are throughout your house? You most likely have cabinets in your kitchen, in every bathroom, and in a lot of the bedrooms as well. Cabinets can really help improve the look on the home which is why a lot of people look to upgrade their cabinets when they are thinking about remodeling the inside of your home. Cabinets are built to last a long time which in turn results in a high price to purchase cabinets. Most people can’t afford to replace all their cabinets throughout their home so let’s talk about the option of refacing your cabinets.

What is Refacing? Refacing is just the process of redoing the fronts of the cabinets that you already have in your home. You need to inspect the cabinets and make sure they are in sound enough shape to even allow refacing to take place. If there are a few nicks and dents than you can buy a simple panel to cover up the face and then you can resurface the cabinet along with the others.

Many cabinets are still in good shape so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to replace the cabinets in your kitchen or bathrooms. By stripping down the paint or finish you already have on their you can completely change the mood and feeling in a room by changing the color of the cabinets. This method of refacing is simple and a job that you can do on your own without hiring outside help.

Rather than refacing every cabinet, or adding to the refacing job you’ve already done you can change the hardware on your cabinets. Changing a simple white hand or knob to a stainless steel or brass hanger can really upgrade the look of your cabinets. The cupboards you have may be in pristine condition and all they need are a few new handles.

If you’re worried about doing this type of project on your own there are many remodeling companies out there in your community. If you have the money you may want to hire one of them and make it clear that you just want some refacing done and not replacing. Find a company that you trust that won’t try to use you just for your money. If you want to attempt it on your own go to your local paint supply store and get advice from them. You can also get advice from your large home improvement store but many times they don’t have the same experience as the specialty paint supply stores. As you can see, cabinet refacing can be done with a low cost, without having to sacrifice quality.

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